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Information, pictures & map kindly given to me by Ben Kimminour fellow cemetery researcher. 2004

The Clark family burial ground is one of many family cemeteries in Pike county, the cemetery located in Porter Township is well maintained, and the resting place for the Clark family. Philip B. Clark lived in Middle Smithfield Twp., moving with his wife Catherine about 1880 to Porter Twp. Philip is thought to be the s/o John & Susannah Howey Clark. Catherine d/o Joseph & Juila Halterman also lived in Middle Smithfield Twp. Their children; Emma, Eugene, Adam, Walter, Norman, Amy, Allie, Mary, Lydia & Joseph.
Legend has it that a young boy who is buried in the Clark Cemetery was bitten by a rattlesnake and died. The story goes that when his body was found, the snake lay along side of him, apparently bitten to death by the boy. You'll note that Walter Clark was 11 when he died. 
Philip B. Clark 24 Oct 1837 - 30 Oct 1906
Catherine- his wife 2 Aug 1843 - 14 Oct 1889
Eugene L. Clark 14 Mar 1869 - 3 Nov 1889
Walter Clark 5 Jun 1886 - 25 Jun 1897
Norman Clark