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Pike Cemeteries

I enjoy cemetery research, I know to the non genealogist making this claim can lead to some pretty  weird looks, and  even stranger comments. I have heard them all... people just don't know what to say to you when you tell them I like hang out with the dead in a cemetery. I will go as far as saying I like it better then shopping. Well, I am a women and it would be a hard choice between a very good shoe sale and a deserted cemetery.                                             
It is a very interesting thing that happens as you walk around a cemetery looking at stones of realtives or non-realatives. You almost always starting wondering who this person or that person was and were they happy, did they have a family, is that person related to that one and did they get along?
Societies idea towards the dead is ever changing. There are more & more people, groups and families interested in preservation and celabration. Leaving behind the idea that our resting reltives have to be hidden behind a fence, stone wall or in a weed patch. There is a connection knowing that by visting your relative that you are walking where other family memebers walked, visiting the relative they visited.
I have listed some of the known Pike county cemeteries, if you have any information you can add please contact me.

e-mail me for look up
De Rialp Fram, Shohola
French Town Graveyard, Dingman
German Hill, Shohola

Hipsman Farm, Shohola
Kurtz Farm, Dingman
Knealing Family Farm, Shohola
Lords Valley, Blooming Grove
Lackawaxen & Union, Lackawaxen
Menkin Farm, Dingman
Milford Hill, Dingman

Milford Cememtery, Milford
Stroyan Funeral Home Inc.
405 W. Hartford St. Milford, Pa 18331
Millrift Cemetery, Westfall
Moses Smith Cemetery, Porter
Mount Moriah,Lackawaxen
Old Greentown/ Kipp, Greene
Parkers Glen, Shohola
Paupack/Pine Grove, Palmyra
Pine Grove, Greene

Pine Ridge, Lehman
Rockelein-Perry, Blooming Grove,
Rose Farm, Westfall
Schields Family, Shohola
Schoonover Farm, Lehman
Shohola, Shohola
Shohola Worzel, Shohola
Shohola on banks of Delaware river
Shohola Glen, Shohola
Spring Brook, Dingman (Greening Park)
St. Mary's of the Assumpton, Lackawaxen
Taft Family,Tafton
Travis, Dingman
Unity House, Lehman
Utter Farm, Dingman
Van Etten Farm, Dingman
Valley View (Swartwood), Lehman
Westbrook Farm, West Fall
Westbrook Farm, Blooming Grove
Whitsells Farm, Delaware
Wood Family Farm, Shohola
Wood Town, Shohola

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